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PhotobucketHi Leodini,

I have visited your blog a few times in the past. While I like your sense of humor, I don’t feel like agreeing with most of what you wrote.

I say “feel”, because I’m a psychic entertainer.  I’m sensitive psychically. I can judge people just by reading their writings.

Your advice on performing for children is way off the mark.  I doubt if you are a father, or even have children of your own.  I doubt also that, as claimed by many, you are one of the best magicians in the Philippines.

Tell me I’m wrong. If you are really what they say you are, can you tell me how to become an excellent magician apart from being a good psychic?

Mang Tomas

The Doubting Psychic


I hate to say this, but your psychic powers are not working well today.  If you don’t feel like agreeing with me, the feeling is mutual.  I don’t agree with you also.

PhotobucketI’m a father. I have no plans on switching roles with my wife and be a mother.  My wife and I have descended from rabbits, so we produce kids almost once every year. We have five in all.

I never claimed I’m one of the best magicians in the Philippines.  However, according to the latest survey, 80 percent of Filipinos believe Leodini is an outstanding magician.  Next week, I will conduct a survey outside of my family members.

PhotobucketGood thing you asked me for advice on how to become an excellent magician. I have been performing magic since I was nine years old (that’s eons ago). I have this feeling I’m an expert on the subject of performing magic. I’m thinking of bestowing upon myself the title Magic Guru (or Guru Magic, whichever sounds more impressive) because nobody has thought of giving me that title.  I’m a do-it-yourselfer, your know.

Anyway, if you have questions about how to become a good, better or best magician, just post them here. I will write answers when I figure out what about magic confounds you. That means you have to sit for a while and stew on your chair because I have a slow brain.  I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but if I’m stumped, there’s always Google to help.

Everything I said above is my roundabout way of saying you are wrong. Well, you dared me to tell you that.

Stay magical,