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PhotobucketThe “gay-ing” of the populace is part of the human evolution. Whereas before there were only two genders, now there are four: man, woman, bading, and tibo.

I discovered this truth from reading ancient physics written in Egyptian hieroglyphics that claimed the formula of human evolution is in accordance with the hyperbolic equation of the paraboloid formula that says cosecant Y is equals to tangent Z.

Okay, I just made that up.

Seriously speaking….

I’m not homophobic. I find gay people creative and admire their well-developed sense of humor. Somehow human evolution has altered their genes and armed them with advance creative and humor hormones and DNAs. All this in accordance to the hyperbolic equation of the paraboloid formula that says…Okay, I said that already.

For their creativity, sense of humor, and the resilience they have exhibited over the years to attain equality in the workforce and society, I salute gay people.

I’m mentioning all this to you because last Wednesday I performed magic for a company Christmas party.  The boss hired me and two gay comedians who emceed the program.

I had a good laugh all night watching the two gay emcees.  Some of their laugh lines were obviously scripted, but many were spontaneous.  Frankly, they will put to shame many comedy magicians, including me, in cracking the audience.  They got a more healthy LPMs (laughs per minute) than the average magicians in the Philippines who think they are funny.

PhotobucketMagicians in the Philippine may know in their hearts that when it comes to making people laugh, they have a lot of catching up with gay performers.  That’s why, in many Christmas parties held by magicians in the Philippines, one or two performers would cross dress and perform as drag queens.

I believe that’s the extent of the gaying of magic in the Philippines.  I’m not aware of the existence of Filipino gay magicians, but maybe I’m wrong.  (I know Slydon has a drag queen act, but he just impersonates a gay character; he is not really gay.)

I think despite the talents of gay people  for making people laugh, they would not survive in the birthday party circuit, where birthday moms would probably not be keen on hiring magicians with such sexual preference.

Lest I be accused of political incorrectness, let me make myself clear.  I have no issues against gay people.  I won’t mind if one of my kids will become gay. I’m not concerned, because gay genes do not run in our blood. Honest!

Chooz! Till next time. Chuva chenez!