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Photobucketby Ingrid Samson

There was some hesitation among Inner Magic Club (IMC) officers when they were approached by Project Director Vanessa Salvana about doing a benefit show. December 15 was a busy time of the year for the members, after all. But IMC’s compassion won, and preparations for “Magic of Love” went underway.

Due to time constraints, some acts had to be repeated from previous shows, but they were still mesmerizing to watch. Show conceptualization started just about a month before the scheduled date, and the club only had 4 days of rehearsals.

The tight schedule proved to be no hindrance, though, as IMC’s seasoned performers emerged victorious and gave their usual best, resulting in a smoothly run show. Except maybe, for some, uh… minor mishaps with the sound system (ha-ha).

PhotobucketDecember 15, 2009 was a weekday, not to mention payday. A lot of people got stuck in heavy traffic. As a result, the Club had to delay the start of the show by almost an hour. But judging by the thunderous applause, and collective oohs and aahs heard all throughout the show, it was well worth the wait.

After a heartwarming speech by Ms. Salvana, the crowd of all ages was greeted by a burst of color in umbrellas, silks, and doves. Jaws dropped to the floor early on, as a lady levitated onstage, vanished in just a blink of an eye, then reappeared instantaneously in the middle of the Philamlife theater, strutting merrily along the aisle.

A magical hand with a life of its own danced around to everyone’s amusement. I think it would be very happy to meet “Thing” from Addams Family. There was also a clown act that brought tears of laughter to every eye in the jam-packed theater. Then it was time to mystify them once more with a science-defying act of escape through steel bars.

The action never let up as the night wore on. Canes appeared onstage faster than you can say, “Jeremy Pei”. Solid metal rings link and unlink right before eyes that were hungry for more.

Magic mixed with bartending wowed the crowd, and probably also made them head to a bar the moment the show ended. But not before a very funny and engaging escape act left them baffled. The receptive audience was also given a surprise treat as a celebrity IMC member was game enough to perform on short notice. He delighted them with his coin magic, the classic Cups and Balls (and Siopao), and a bo lieng bo… I mean, a bowling ball that came to life from a drawing pad.

It seems that we magicians never grow tired of making objects, and people, float or levitate — assistants, magicians themselves, handkerchiefs, tables, drinking glasses, and guitars! Certainly, a magical production like this wouldn’t be whole without illusions, complete with choreography, that make people go, “David Copper-who?” This shows that we also like to stab people multiple times and set them on fire. But of course, these are just illusions. We make sure that beautiful assistants emerge from tiny boxes unscathed, and even with a fresh change of clothes.

With the show running for almost two and a half hours, nobody seemed to want to leave the theater. But at around 10:30pm, it was time for our finale. All the performers gathered onstage and were put inside a huge box we apparently call, lovingly, “The Box”. Curtains were raised, and in record time, the night’s magicians vanished, only to materialize, scattered amongst the audience.

It was a long and tiring day, but all wore smiles because as cheesy as it may sound, we held the knowledge in our hearts that we made a difference and helped kidney-impaired patients with this charity show.

Truly, our love for magic gave life to this Magic of Love.