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PhotobucketHow to combat health hazards in performing magic ?

Several years ago, I heard of the news about David Copperfield collapsing from exhaustion in one of his shows.

Years earlier, Houdini died from untreated appendicitis.

In the Philippines, my contemporaries in magic are now complaining of high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers and many other illnesses.

I wonder how hazardous can magic be to the performer’s health. In the corporate world, where I spent more than 20 years of my life, the company doctors said the leading health hazards are the pressures of work and deadlines.

To my mind, the pressures of work overload and deadline closing in on an employee are nothing compared to the tension-filled, jittery moments at every performance.

What are you guys doing —in terms of exercise and healthy-living regimen—to combat or negate the wear and tear to our body and mind caused by the pressures/jitters of performing?

Like in any other profession, the prescription would not be vastly different for magicians in the Philippines.  Follow a proper diet, take regular exercise and forswear tobacco, drug and alcohol.Photobucket

Bland and uninteresting, this prescription has nothing magical in it.  It requires a lot of self-discipline. Many magicians, including me, may not be so keen on following it.

Stay magical,