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PhotobucketWednesday’s Performance Tip: Don’t Discombobulate the Audience with a Cluttered Plot.

Does your magic have a kicker to a kicker to a kicker?

Does your Ambitious Card rise to the top of the deck several times, change its color, have a mutating back design, go blank, miss a pip, disappear from the deck and end inside a lemon that turns into an orange that you squeeze into a glass to make an orange juice that turns into a cola that turns into a milk that…?Photobucket

Oh, well…

Do magic with a David Blaine-simple plot. When asked what David did, a girl on the street who witnessed his magic summarized the plot  in one sentence, “He floated.”

If the plot of your trick takes two sentences to summarize, rethink it. A crystal-clear thinking might lead to a streamlined version of your trick’s plot.

Stay magical,