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PhotobucketAs a magician in the Philippines, I have never developed a taste for politics. More than anything else, politics boils my blood. A discussion going into it promptly turns me into a demented carabao.

Politicians also make me laugh with their antics. I make it a point to watch them mouth inanities on television every time I need a good laugh.

But today let me put aside my magic wand. I won’t say the magic words, nor cast my spell on my audience. Let me, instead, take pot shots at politicians and the multitudes who want to be politicians. Everybody else seems to be having fun doing that.

Election year in the Philippines always throws the country into a tizzy. Politics is a national pastime. Every Tom, Dick and Harry named Juan, Pablo and Jose have their own idea on how to run the country. Everyone also thinks he is fit to run for public office.

PhotobucketPsychologists call this malady delusion. It has afflicted the nation to the very sinews of its culture for so long now it is an epidemic. But unlike other epidemic breakouts, people don’t quake in their pants when a clueless individual enters politics the way they do when you mention to them “bird flu” or “cholera”. Instead, they shuffle their feet around the delusional, singing him paeans and celebrating the affliction of his brain.

PhotobucketAs soon as the Commission on Elections fired the starter’s gun yesterday, the country watches the spectacle of politicians and wannabes making a mad dash to the Comelec office to file their certificates of candidacy. Those who did not join the rush managed to appear on TV to threaten the great unwashed with their plan to run for office.  Expected to jump into the fray are the elite, the rich, the educated, movie personalities, comedians and sport heroes.

As usual, this year’s crop of candidates includes political neophytes with little or no experience or knowledge in public governance or legislating. No experience/knowledge as in nada, naught, zero, zilch, zip and zot.

The prospect of the popular but inexperience ignorant taking the reins of government or writing the laws of the land has driven eminent columnist Antonio Abaya to his wits’ end.

With a great measure of temperance, he called these wannabe politicians Idiot Candidates, a picturesque term that will not conjure the right images to the candidates in question. “Who me?” will probably be their answer if the term is brought to their attention.

I always have known one can find bliss in ignorance, but I never have imagined these many candidates finding it so easily.

PhotobucketSince this topic is about idiots, let me ask an idiotic question myself: Which came first, idiot candidates or idiot voters?

This is a chicken-and-egg  brain teaser, so I’m willing to wait several centuries for someone to come up with a good answer.

Meanwhile, let me go back to my magic wands. There are a great number of kids waiting for me to produce a rabbit for them and make them happy. Enough with idiocy and more Pinoy magic instead.

Stay magical everyone,