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PhotobucketHow do you prove that a levitating lady is unattached to a thread or string?

Why, of course, you prove it by passing a solid hoop through the lady’s body while she is floating in midair.

For years magicians have been levitating their lady assistants and passing hoops through them.  I have seen many such performances and never once thought that passing a hoop could be entertaining, elegant and beautiful…until I stumbled upon Richiardi’s old video on levitating a lady.

Many magicians in the Philippines can learn a lesson or two on presentation from this video.  The levitation Richiardi does is exquisite, but the passing of the hoop is awe inspiring, if a performer will watch it from the technical and aesthetic point of view.

What strikes me most in the presentation is how Richiardi makes the hoop move a more convincing proof that the lady is indeed floating in the air. And he does it with such panache I feel like I want to float in the air, too.

You can watch the video performance by clicking the link below. (Embedding is disabled, so I can’t play the video right here.  You have to go to YouTube to view it.)

Enjoy the exquisite artistry of Richiardi.

Stay magical,