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Dear Leodini,Photobucket

I want to hire a magician to perform at my child’s birthday party. But I am having second thoughts. I hear that many magicians bring with them birds, which they use in their performances. I worry that these birds may carry the swine flu virus and infect my child or the guests.

Is it all right to hire a magician despite the swine flu scare?

How do I know if my child has caught the swine flu virus?

I’m sure that, as one of the top magicians in the Philippines, you know the answers to my questions. Please help me decide.

Your fan,

Peggy Phobic

Hi Peggy,

You are right. I know the answers to your questions. What I don’t know is whether my answers are right. So listen to them at your own risk.

It is all right to hire a magician to perform at your child’s birthday party despite the swine flu scare. Make sure the magician’s name is Leodini. That’s my unbiased answer.

It’s very easy to know if your child has the swine flu virus. If he looks like this…
…then I’m 100-percent sure he has the flu.

Stay magical,