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PhotobucketAt Inner Magic Club, the premier organization of magicians in the Philippines, George Mamonluk is called several fond names.

He is the Chinaman, Congressman, GMA, or just plain George.

Last night he celebrated his birthday (the number is secret, because he is a magician) by throwing a party during IMC’s weekly meeting.Photobucket

After the sumptuous dinner, our members went into action.  Several performers stepped up and showed samplings of the miracles and amazing feats they could do.

Rico came with a surprise performer, who made Alex Lagula blush all throughout the night.

George is highly respected and loved by IMC (and the whole community of magicians in the Philippines) because of his untiring support for our Club and all its projects. Last night, he brought his lovely wife Marie and the rest of their family to spend a wonderful evening with Inner Magic Club.

To George, on top of all the well-wishes you already received, here’s one more from me: may you have more magical years to come.Photobucket

I can’t wait to see the classic magic you are preparing to perform this Sunday.  I’ll catch a video of it, since my parties will not allow me to watch it live.

Cheers and stay magical,