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PhotobucketIn the aftermath of the big flood that submerged Metro Manila last Saturday, let me be Yoda-like today. I will dispense sage albeit worn-out advice:

If cancelled gigs you had, count your blessings you must.

I did get cancellations this weekend, because of torrential rains that transformed the metropolis into a sea of brownish water.  Most major thoroughfares became impassable.  Even the birthday celebrants could not get to the party venues, some of them in posh hotels they had paid for in advance.Photobucket

My heart goes to the birthday parents who spent oodles of money for their child’s birthday party.  This was good money washed away by the flood.

My cancellation notice arrived at 1PM on Saturday, when my team and I were already aboard my Starex van. We were moving out of the garage when a text message flashed on my cell phone’s screen, advising me not to proceed. Had the message got to us a little later, we would have been stranded on the way to the hotel where the party would be held.  Had that happened, we would have gone home the following day, as traffic everywhere was at a standstill. Turning back home was an impossible maneuver.

It was a letdown to have one’s show canceled. But hey, look what the rest of  Metromanilans had to suffer that day.  Many lost belongings, cars, houses, and even lives. Whole families had to stand on rooftops waiting to be plucked by helicopters.  When the rescuers did not come, the victims had to endure hours of cold temperature, thirst and hunger.  Over 70 persons did not make it through the night of flooding.

And here I am counting the lost of opportunity to earn an income on Saturday.

I feel bad thinking of selfish thoughts.

Here’s an idea to prevent the next perfect flood from putting Filipinos through a similar ordeal. If the government can’t solve the flooding problems of Metro Manila despite throwing money into anti-flood projects, government officials might as well spend the money on building several Noah’s Arks.

The arks  will assure people a vessel of refuge the next time flood devastates the metropolis.Photobucket

That’s a brilliant idea, right?

I told you I’m like Yoda today.

Stay magical,