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We had a fun time last night—sumptuous dinner, magic and camaraderie.

The special occasion?

Tony Hassini, the world CEO of the International Magicians Society, flew into the country yesterday all the way from New York. The purpose of his visit was to award the prestigious Merlin Award for excellence in the art of magic to Tito Cris Castro, Inner Magic Club’s incumbent president.

In his acceptance speech, Tito Cris dedicated the award not only to the members of Inner Magic Club but also to Filipino magicians.

Indeed, our Club has gone a long way since our planning session in Mount Makiling about five years ago.  Back then, we charted the course of IMC. We envisioned the Club to become a major contributor of the art of magic in Asia and eventually in the world.

We achieved our goal a couple of years ago when, through the efforts of Tito Cris. IMC gained acceptance in the Asian Magicians Association, won a seat in its board, and stayed in the forefront of magic events all over Asia.

Also, because of the efforts of IMC, in cooperation with local talents and show producers, the Philippines had organized two magic festivals in Davao. It was participated not only by magicians in the Philippines but also by magic performers from several Asian countries.

This coming October, the third Festival of Magic in the Philippines will be held in Dingle, Iloilo. This time the performers will be exclusively IMC members.

With Tito Cris’s Merlin Award, IMC is slowly fulfilling its dream, namely, that to exert its presence, if not influence, to the rest of the world.

Stay magical,