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I have several issues with some magic creators who produce instructional DVDs. A few of them go into tantrums because their buyers perform the tricks the way they teach it. They call it performing “à la” the master.Photobucket

These are issues so serious they sour my day.

First of all, with the term “à la.” It is short for the French “à la mode de,” which means “in the manner of”.

So when a magician claims he is doing, say, the Linking Rings, or the Mouth Coil or the Egg Bag a la the instructor, he may only mean that he is using the techniques and methods taught on the instructional DVD. A la doesn’t necessarily mean Xerox copying, cloning, duplicating, copycatting or impersonating someone. It could mean that, but it could also mean following to the letter the lessons taught on the instructional DVD. It is a proven, efficient way for a student to learn.

Maybe DVD magicians/instructors don’t understand nor speak French. Neither do I. But I look the term up in the dictionary. It doesn’t say a la means “stealing.”

Instead of profiling everyone who does things “a la the master magician on DVD” as thieves, I hope these instructors will be more respectful of the buyers of their DVDs like the way many of their customers are respectful of them. I suggest DVD teachers give their students (and buyers) the benefit of the doubt.Photobucket

DVD instructors should remember that not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Negros are muggers, and not all Filipinas are domestic helpers. In like manner, not all “a la magic instructors” are thieves.

If you love rants, I have more of the same tomorrow…

Stay magical,