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PhotobucketI once wrote about little emperors (Putting Up with Little Emperors). They are persons a professional magician in the Philippines may cross paths with and, if things go awry, cross swords with.

Little emperors, in my book, are usually employees of a venue where I may be performing for an event.  They take their jobs seriously—in fact, so seriously they become a pain in the neck.

One of the characters that haunt me till this day is one of the owners of a party venue.  It is a huge, classy place, but this guy has a talent for being annoying.

One Saturday, I had a gig at his place. Because of my imperfect schedule, I anticipated we had just a few minutes to set up when we got to the party. So while still in my van I already changed into full magician’s costume, with all the doves body-loaded up.Photobucket

The guy manning the door challenged right away my entry into the party area. Who was I, was the first question. Now, people mistake me for Mel Gibson a lot of times, but to not recognize me as the magician when I was in full magician’s costume sounded to me like nit-picking.

He asked for the name of my client (as if asking a password) and went inside. When the Mom and the Dad came to the door, all smiles and gushing to see me, the door guy turned red.

When we set up our stuff, he forbade me to use our own sound system (Fender Passport 250) citing lack of space as reason.PhotobucketI taught him the fine points of the term “portable sound system” and why it would not constrict his hangar-size place. I debated with him for several minutes before he relented. I had my way in the end, and was allowed to use my own sound system.

At last when I was being called by the MC to perform, he made one last-minute hurdle. Don’t use fire, confetti and party poppers, he told me in my face. I knew the house rules of that place even before I came (I researched it, see?), so I didn’t bring all those forbidden items. But the warning (given just before my entrance) shook up the timing of my entrance. Photobucket

In fairness, he laughed at my jokes when the show was going on.

Next time, I go there I will teach him “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I think he is not beyond help.

Stay magical,