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PhotobucketI want you guys to start your week laughing. Not just small snickers but loud guffaws.

I rolled on the floor, kicking the air and almost choking with tears that streamed down from my eyes when I first heard this audio clip.

It’s about infidelity. Now infidelity is normally a heartbreaking experience. But this audio clip turns marital unfaithfulness on its head and convulses me with uncontrollable laughter.

As a magician in the Philippines entertaining family audiences, I’m always on the lookout for humorous material. My find today more than compensated the hours I spent trawling the Internet.

PhotobucketOh, by the way, it’s also a set-up, planned and executed on a radio program. That must explain why it appeals to me. As a magician, I love set-ups. For me, all magic contains ingredients of set-ups.

The audio clip is supposedly a live recording of a wife who catches her cheating husband over the airwaves.

Here’s the link:

Or you can listen to it here:

Wife Catches Husband Cheating

It’s kinda long, but persevere. Listen to it to the finish and you will be justly rewarded with delicious laughter.

Stay magical,