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PhotobucketI regularly check the search words used by readers to find this blog. To my disappointment, a good number of first-time visitors who stumbled upon this blog are looking for secrets of magic.

Let me repeat—again, for the nth time and with feeling. This blog teaches no tricks.  It does not intend to expose secrets of magic. What it proposes is to share my thoughts on how to improve the performance of magic.If you want to learn magic tricks, go some place else.  I’m not a teacher of tricks.  I don’t have the time and patience to do so.

If you are looking for exposure sites that reveal the inner workings of magic, look somewhere else.  This is not such site.

But if you want to learn the artistic side of  magic, learn a few tips on how to be entertaining, stay around. I will share with you some tips I’ve learned firsthand over the years of performing magic in the Philippines.

I will give these tips in small servings.  I have found out that giving performance tips in bulk tend to go over the readers heads. They just read and skim through them, rarely applying what they learn from this blog.

For this reason, I will give one performance tip once a week.  That way you have one week to digest and internalize the lesson I give you for the current week before I give another one.

Starting tomorrow, I will give you the first performance tip.  I will do that every Wednesday hereafter.

I hope by doing this, your visit to this blog will be more worthwhile and fruitful.

Stay magical,