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Rowan Atkinson makes me laugh. Always. Hard. And loud.

Whether he plays the character Mr. Bean or Johnny English, his performances are always a scream.

Till now, I’ve come to admire his visual humor. Mr. Bean rarely talks, and when he does he mumbles. Johnny English, on the other hand, is a man of few words.

Atkinson portrays these laconic characters for laughs mainly through visual gags and hilarious situations. Surprisingly, the few words he mouths during his performances never hamper his ability to crack his audience up.

For this reason, Atkinson surprises me with his “Amazing Jesus” video on YouTube. On it, he shows off another funny side. I watched it marveling at his incredible ability to deliver funny lines. His skill to make people laugh with verbal humor compares well with the talents of the best stand-up comics in the world. He drops laugh lines with such deliberate clarity that even Filipino viewers with the littlest knowledge of English can’t miss the jokes.

On this video, Atkinson reads from his edition of the “scriptures” the accounts of the Wedding in Cana. If you remember your cathechism, that was Jesus’ first public performance of his miraculous powers.

I post the video here because, according to Atkinson, Jesus performed magic tricks at that wedding.

I find the video not just funny but hysterically funny. Pardon the exaggeration, but I’m given to hyping things I like.

Warning, caveat, admonition. Proceed at your own risk. View the video with caution. If you take your religion seriously, don’t watch the video. You will probably be offended by it.

However, if you viewed the video as a study of straight-faced humor, excellent delivery, and strong comedy script, you would be all right.

Stay magical,