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I have this sneaking suspicion that I became I professional magician because my brain was wired incorrectly.

Take watching television, for example. The romantically inclined would watch TV with his wife. A good parent with the heart of a mother hen would prefer to watch television together with his children.

I have neither the romantic inclination nor the heart, liver or intestine of a mother hen. I watch television the only way I know and in a manner that other people, even members of my household, find annoying.

I watch five to six TV programs at the same time. Every time the commercials are on, I switch to another channel and pick up the thread of the story there. On channels without commercial interruptions (say, HBO), I still switch channels when there’s a lull in the action or the story.

PhotobucketMy wife complains of headaches when watching TV with me. She just can’t stand the constant channel hopping. My children don’t go near the TV set when I’m the one holding the remote control. Not only do I channel surf at 250 miles per hour, I also linger on channels showing Indian Bollywood movies and German talk shows.

PhotobucketMy youngest son Adrian would sometimes ask me, “Papa, why are you watching those shows? Do you understand what that Indian guy is saying?”

“No, I don’t understand a single word he’s saying,” I’d answer.

“Then why are you watching that program?”

“Because I like watching shows I don’t understand.”

That answer bewilders everybody in the house. The result is that they leave me alone in front of the TV set, and they watch their favorite shows together in the living room.

So if you want to know why you have chosen the path to become a magician, don’t look for the answers in your genes, DNA, the books you read, the company you keep, the girlfriend you fell in love with.

Instead, look at your TV watching habits.  They tell you a lot about yourself.



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