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PhotobucketMagicians in the Philippines who perform comedy magic, or who try to spice their act with comedy business, know that making people laugh is a difficult enterprise.

Even the most talented funny man will tell you that comedy is a hit-or-miss affair. Funny antics that look hysterically hilarious on paper will bomb, but a most innocent spontaneous line can make an audience roar with laughter.

So to the comedy experts, here’s a video that made me laugh long and hard. I literally fell off my chair while watching it, tears rolling down my cheeks. I never had a laughing fit as intense as this for a long time.

As a Filipino magician who jazzes up my act with funny bits, I have a question to the readers. Why is this video hysterically funny?

The video shows no one doing any funny antics—no comedy lines were dropped, or funny faces made. In fact the TV host and the participants in the talk show, including the live audience, are all in a somber mood. I don’t understand a word they say, but I surmise they are talking about the woman’s disability. So how come the whole scene is funny?

Can someone dissect it for me, please?

The Pinoy magician in me is baffled.

Although not about magic, the video is magical to me because of the mysterious way it provokes laughter.

Stay magical everyone,



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