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Somebody (a magician in the Philippines, most probably) blessed with as fine, elegant and weird sense of humor as Leodini, sent me this photo.


I think the sender claimed this is a photo of the new generation, breakthrough-technology, state-of-the-art topit.

This type of topit is used to make things appear and disappear. It switches objects and changes their colors and appearance. Most of all, it bears the wearer’s soul. You get to watch the performer in his/her bare best. A nifty little gadget, if you don’t tear it in the heat of the action.

I’m sorry I couldn’t remember who the sender was.  I have trouble recalling my own mobile phone number.  Don’t expect me to remember everybody who sends me joke pictures. Unless your name happens to be Catherine Zeta Jones, your name will not stick on my brain—even if your name is Stick.

Not surprisingly, only magicians will laugh, smile and groan at these photos.  The rest will have sex on their mind.

Magicians, forgive the laymen for they don’t know what they are thinking about.

I share these photos to the readers.  I want y’all to start the week with a foolish smile on your lips.

Here’s another model of the new topit for male magicians.


This time, the lay viewers will not think of sex.  They will think of diarrhea.  I don’t know why.

Stay magical,