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I had always thought that I’m a disciplined person.

I had disciplined my pets. They had stopped pooing anywhere in the house.

I had disciplined my children.  They had learned to see me as a Brad Pitt look-alike.

But lately, I have found I couldn’t discipline myself.

This morning, for example, I opened my drawer of magic stuff.  I saw a growing pile of tricks and props.  They were all barely touched since the postman delivered them. At the same time, my credit card bill was growing longer, the  result of my spending binges on magic stuff.

It happened that these props and tricks looked attractive on the catalog.  I purchased them in the hope of adding them to my show.  Alas, when they arrived, I would usually gave them a once-over. Unable to figure out an excellent way to present them, I then tuck them away, usually inside my cabinet of tricks.

I would like to think that my strength lies in my refusal to rush to perform newly bought tricks. My weakness, on the other hand, is waiting forever for inspiration to spark my creativity.  Thus I have stuff bought years ago which had remained inside the envelopes they were mailed in, gathering dust inside the drawer.

Well, I know this malady of hoarding tricks afflicts not only magicians in the Philippines but also performers, hobbyists and enthusiasts all over the world. But unlike most others, I’m determined to lick this affliction, as I know allowing it to persist can  stagnate me as an artist.

Luckily, I stumbled on Google Videos an inspirational speech by billionaire insurance executive Art Williams. It is titled “Just Do It!”

Believe me, it is such a powerful speech that it has a magical effect on me.  The first time I heard it, it lighted a bonfire under my lazy butt and moved me to process some of the stuff inside my drawer.  As I listened to the speech again and again, I had slowly taken out junks from the drawer and added a couple of them to my program.  Not only that, every time my interest flagged, my energy sputtered, my determination wavered, I listened to the speech again. The effect is instant magic.  It transforms me into an action man as opposed to a static person.

Find time to view Art Williams’ video. Listen to his motivating words and feel the magic. Whether it is for improving your magic or for succeeding in any endeavor, his words can transform you into a productive person.

Stay magical,