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Many hobbyist magicians in the Philippines may treat their magic as an art form to pass the time. For us professionals, however, we treat it in only two ways: show and business.

That means, we create magic shows and then do our best to sell it.

I may be presumptuous to claim that in selling my show I was one of the first magicians in the Philippines to go by the Internet route. But that’s all right, because presumptuous is my nickname.

I studied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, built multiple web sites, created multiple blogs, joined online forums, enlisted in online directories, etc.. I did all this (and many more) to build a strong web presence.

One of the selling techniques I used was uploading magic performances on YouTube.  To date, I have very few of them.  In a future article, I will tell you why I’ have been very selective in publishing my videos.

Anyway, after last Sunday’s performance in Batangas City, the birthday boy’s dad confessed to me that he was sold to my show after viewing the video Eight Girl Vanish on this blog.

I was elated to hear this feedback. At that time I was ready to pull down the video.  I thought it was doing my business bad rather than good. Not because it is an awful video. From my biased point of view I think it’s OK. But I suspect it hurts my prospective sales, because it oversells my program.

In the past I had several birthday moms who initially expressed interest in my show. They later backed out when I told them the Eight Girl Vanish is not in my birthday party magic show.

One mom was so excited to hire me for her child’s birthday party by a swimming pool.  When I told her the illusion could be done only on a large stage, she said she would build me a large stage by the pool.  When I quoted an outrageous amount to perform it, she said she would spend that much.  She just wanted to see the vanish live.

I had to wriggle out of that gig. I could tell she was disappointed, because in the end she hired somebody else.

To prevent others from being oversold by the Eight Girl Vanish video, I need to clarify a few things here.

  • First, the Eight Girl Vanish is a large illusion.  It can be done only on large stage with ample wings and ample space (minimum of 6 meters) behind the back curtains.
  • Second, we need eight highly trained girls to vanish.
  • Third, we need up to half-a-dozen well-trained assistants behind the scenes.
  • Fourth, we need to use a  large platform that will hold the eight girls.
  • Fifth, we need to perform the illusion inside a theater otherwise the girls could not reappear in the audience.
  • Sixth, we need around 700 people in the audience to mask the reappearance of the girls.  So if you have only 50 guests, forget about having the illusion in your party.
  • Seventh, I will do the illusion only if a client is willing to shell out a minimum of P100,000.

In short, the illusion cannot be done at your child’s birthday party.

I will do something else, equally amazing and entertaining.

You have my word on that.

Stay magical,