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throphy Pictures, Images and PhotosWe had a blast last Wednesday during Inner Magic Club’s monthly magic competition. The occasion was exciting for two main reasons.

First we had lots of guests, mostly magic enthusiasts, hobbyists and avid lovers of magic.  Almost all the clubs of magicians in the Philippines had representatives, but it was our brothers in the art from the Story Circle who came in droves.

I met for the first time TSC member and forum contributor Ernest, who happened to be one of the frequent readers of this blog. We had a brief chat about magic and his regular job, among other topics.  I found it refreshing to meet online friends in person, specially when they love magic as ardently as I do, and know a little about themselves.

Second, the competition required a patriotic theme to stage.  Meaning, the performed contest pieces should be Filipiniana.  I thought it was a difficult theme to develop and expected a few members would accept the challenge.  But as it turned out, 11 contestants stood up and faced the challenge eagerly.

When the dust of the competition settled, the following competitors  romped off with the top prizes: third place, Renee Mucha; second place, Anthony Andres; champion, Leodini.

The members who provided intermission numbers that evening had an international flavor. Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz (Philippines), Bill Kirwan (USA) and Des Maecawa (Japan) regaled the audience with their own brand of magic.

Moving the program briskly all evening were hosts Alex Lagula and Jdal.

Congratulations to the Chairman of Competition Michael Fernando (Mifer) on a job well-done.

I will post photos and video clips as soon as George Mamonluk and Boy Alviz give me a copy of their shots.

Stay magical,