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PhotobucketI always believe that performing magic is difficult.

Many magicians in the Philippine, especially novice performers, would disagree with me.  As a result,  hordes of amateurs and tyros and dilettantes and neophytes and greenhorns and everything in their radius of influence perform magic for lay people an hour after they learn a trick’

Okay, I’m exaggerating.  They perform new magic minutes after they buy a new prop.

Why the temerity?

I have a theory.  I hit upon it while punishing myself with countless hours of biting coins and pushing a large needle through my arm.

PhotobucketI believe some magicians in the Philippines rush to perform new magic for lay people because they think magic is easy to do.  The props will do the trick  for them, and the secret of the trick will take care of fooling the audience.  What could be easier than that?

Well, yes, in some cases, magic is easy to perform.  Even a thoughtless search on the Internet will turn up so-called magic tricks that can be done with minimum practice. Magic dealers lure callow performers to buy them with promises that they can be performed almost immediately.

If the intention is to fool people, then I agree with the popular notion.  One can find tricks that require very little practice, or none at all, to perform.

However, if the intention is for magic to earn money so you can put food on the family table and send your children to school, then you need to perform magic that is entertaining.

That type of magic is difficult. Way too difficult—especially if one lacks the talent, dedication, work ethics and excellent attitude to polish one’s act and to improve oneself as a performing artist.

The reason I am convinced that entertaining magic is not easy is that a magic performance has “natural boring moments”.  These are built-in obstacles that can trip up an unwary performer.

To my mind, there’s no magic show that is ready-made to entertain.  However, there are magic shows that are inherently dull.  By default, they are uninteresting, tiresome, wearisome and unexciting.

Why is this so?

Because, according to my theory, strewn all over a magic act are opportunities to bore audiences.  Many magicians in the Philippines, me included, for lack of better techniques, usually take these opportunities and end up putting the audience to sleep.

Tomorrow, I will list for you the “natural boring moments” in a magic show you should avoid.

Stay magical,