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PhotobucketMagicians in the Philippines are in celebratory mood today.  I just got word that Jeff Tam won first prize in the Close-up Magic competition in Malaysia.

He joined the contest together with several other IMC members. He competed against the best in Asia as a representative of the Philippines, so his victory is not for any magic club in the country but for the Philippines.

We are proud of Jeff. His big win  makes us proud of Philippine magic.

Magicians in the Philippines join me in extending a heartfelt, proud congratulations to the first-ever Filipino who won the championship in a close-up magic competition in Asia.

Incidentally, before Jeff left for Malaysia last week, I gave him a magic spell in two words.  Even though those two words were top secret and couldn’t be divulged, they proved helpful in clinching the top prize.

Once again, my magic spell has been proven to be very potent.

Stay magical,