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Well, we magicians in the Philippines are only humans (or huwomans, if  you want to be  politically correct and punctilious with your vocabulary). Despite our magic power and entertaining prowess, client comments  affect our state of mind for better or for worse.
Sure, Philippine magicians like me will accept with glee positive comments like “That was a great show”, “Nice job”, “You were amazing”, “The best magic show I’ve seen so far…”

But I’m sure comments like “You suck” will cause us heartaches for days on end.

Still, magicians in the Philippines need to reach a certain level of maturity to be able to deal with comments, whether glowing or unpleasant.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, comment by any degree of pleasantness is still a comment. It can be helpful to a magician’s growth. It can also help him improve his show.

COMMENT!! Pictures, Images and PhotosOnce, I had a generous audience member of Chinese lineage. He went to great lengths to seek me out after the show.  “Your show is good, but you need to do this…”  And then he enumerated the parts I should remove from my show when performing for Chinese audiences. He said most Chinese, especially the old folks, are conservative and would frown at some of my antics.

I wouldn’t know those things  if he  did not volunteer the information.  I thanked him profusely and afterward  made adjustments in my script to make my show more politically correct.

In general, I welcome all types of comments, even though not all of them is easy to the ears and soothing to the ego.  But here’s one comment that stumps me.  I don’t know if it’s helpful or not.  I have no idea what it means.  I’m at a loss why parents even offer it.

Yes, parents usually are the ones who utter this remark: “The children loved the show…”

They say this with a straight face even though, just minutes ago, my program slayed the adults and sent one or two of them into hysterics, laughing their heads off at the funny gags I dished out.

No matter how I kill the audience (that means the children and the adults), the parents would still say,”The children loved your show…” or “The children had a good time…”

Since I structured my show so that it entertains both the children and the grown-ups, this comment falls short of my expectation. It’s a brain teaser to me.  I have no answer to the question why, because I’ve seen the adults enjoying, laughing and having a good time during the show. Still, the parents would tell me “the children enjoyed the show.”

This has happened several times.  Each time I would wait for the client to finish his remark with “…and of course, the adults too had a great time.”

But that part would not be coming.

I  have an inkling why.  I’ll discuss it later after I have meditated today.

Stay magical,