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If you find me mean today, it’s because I’m upset.  Despite my vaunted self-control,  I will not control myself from writing some harsh words about fellow magicians in the Philippines.

I can hear the coming recriminations.  When Philippine magicians and guardians of the integrity of the magic art in the Philippines come together to dissect the Wow-Wow-Wee episode last week, a few will not speak highly of TV host Willie Revillame.  I’m sure of that.  I’m not a psychic for nothing.weh Pictures, Images and Photos

But Willie is the last person I would blame for the fiasco (that’s one of those harsh words I said I would write) .  Sure, he exposed the Coin Bite trick, but exposing it was not his fault. He was merely doing his job, which was to make his audience laugh.  His job was to entertain both the live and TV audiences, not to protect magic secrets. That job fell on the shoulders of magicians, who were supposed to have sworn to safeguard magic secrets but failed to do so.

Remember this: if a magic trick is exposed, by designed or by accident, on TV or any entertainment medium, the fault lies on the magicians.  They are supposed to train long and hard and practice incessantly, so that the magic they performed don’t get exposed.

The bright side of that sorry TV appearance (sorry for the art of magic) was that one of the contestant-magicians won more than half-a-million pesos.

Congratulations to him. I know him personally to be in need of money (who isn’t?), so the windfall was indeed a blessing.

However, I could hardly watch the show (actually I walked out in middle of the program, went upstairs to my room to read Angels and Demons).

The program’s portion where they had magicians performing, on past days with other guests, usually comes out as  one of the most entertaining portions of the program. With a little egging from Willie, amateur performers like lead-footed dancers and tone-deaf singers would show their lack of talents but somehow would always get uproarious response from the audience.

Alas, when the magicians went in front of  the cameras last week, Willie couldn’t seem to get the portion to lift off the ground.  The magicians just simply were not funny, not entertaining and not amazing.. ..especially not amazing.

How could magicians be amazing if they exposed tricks with gay abandon?  Why would anyone manipulate cards a la Jeff Mc Bride while completely surrounded by the studio audience is a brain teaser that could come down in the archives of unsolved mysteries as intriguing as  UFO sightings.

All throughout the supposedly magical performances, Willie was wearing the pained look of a person suffering from constipation. The magic that day devastatingly bored him and totally underwhelmed the audience.

Congratulations to the winners, but no thanks for the exposures.  It was not a glorious day for  Philippine magic. I doubt the quality of the performances gained for it public respect.

There. I’ve said my piece. I shall henceforth keep my mouth shut on this matter and leave you guys to enjoy your windfall money.

Stay magical,