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Pills Pictures, Images and PhotosAthletes are known to use performance enhancers, some of them unnatural, prohibited and illegal.

I’m sure magicians in the Philippines would like also to have at their disposal a source of enhancers that can energize their performances. But unlike some athletes who have been caught taking prohibited drugs, magicians would rather use natural methods of psyching themselves up to high level of performance, or not use any at all.

I must confess I’m one such Pinoy magician. Over the years, I’ve used a simple pre-show pep talk with myself to gear myself up psychologically for a show. Before I discovered the benefits of acquiring a rah-rah attitude through self-conversation, I was always a bundle of nerves by the time I stepped onto the stage. However, when I began to pep talk myself to arouse determination to succeed in each performance, I saw a marked improvement in the way I sailed through each show and how warmly the audience received me.


The idea of using pre-show pep talks was, of course, suggested by sports competitions I’ve watched on TV. Whether it’s boxing, basketball or football, the coach would always go into a vigorous and emotional talk with players. The idea was to exhort them to go to great lengths to win. They have been doing that for years. There must be something good that comes from a pep talk, otherwise they would have stopped the practice.

As I have no coach, when employing the same principle for my own benefit, I do the pep talking to myself. I often get incredulous look from people backstage each time I do this, but I have never skipped this morale-bolstering portion for sometime now. I always do it a few minutes before I’m on as part of my pre-show ritual.

Some people may consider this self-exhortation as New Age mambo jumbo, and may be it is. Be that as it may, it is a mambo jumbo that works exceedingly well for me.

However, I have good news for the non-believers. Subliminal pep talk actually works, according to a scientific study. You can read the report here: Subliminal Pep Talk Boosts Performance, Study Shows.

What exactly to say to yourself during a pep talk session is a subject that I will discuss in a future article.

Somebody just remind me about it, as I have a poor memory.

Stay magical,



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