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Full Mail Box Pictures, Images and PhotosThe IMC magic competition last Wednesday was extra fun, because the contest rules were out of the ordinary.  The competitors performed to music for four minutes.  However, they heard the music for the first time only when they started their performances.

The idea was to test the creativity of the competitors.  How they would fit their routine to a musical score they never had the chance to rehearse before is, as you may imagine, a daunting  challenge.

We were surprised to have so many children in the audience.  Usually, our contests would draw mostly adult guests, particularly hard-core magic lovers.  Last Wednesday, however, lots of children showed up to enjoy the magic competition and to root for their favorite magicians.

I was one of the magicians who performed intermission numbers last Wednesday.  The other performers were Boy Alviz, Jeff Tam and Ted Orlando.

For reason of my performance (I did Wayne Dobson’s Invisible Deck trick and Steve Spill’s Needle Swallowing act), Ted wrote the following letters:

Dear Leo,

My admiration for your “interval” appearance (during last Wednesday’s magic competition). It was just great—YOUR version of the “razor blade trick—let alone your charming and entertaining FUNNY commentary among it.

A hint: I don’t know, however, if it is still available somewhere. “SWALLOWING” 6 or so torch bulbs, add the “connecting” wire, upon which they come out ALL LIGHTENING.

I did this in Lagos, Nigeria once but haven’t got that again, I´m afraid.

Your “fan” ,



Hi Ted,

I’m interested in the trick. I’d be glad if you can point me to a dealer who sells the “Bulb Swallowing Trick”.  I think it’s a lot children friendly than razor or needle swallowing.




Sure, Leo, I will look around and let you know. Give me some days, as I am in the throws of packing my stuff departing on Monday. (I’m still “planning in” the volume of 6 pieces vent masks Rael will bring to help both him and his buyer PEGANI Magic in DK to save shipping cost and import duty). Actually Pegani may be able to find a supplier (of the Bulb Swallowing act), if that is not finally discontinued.

All the best and until next time!


There you have it, dear readers.  If Ted finds the “Bulb Swallowing Trick” for me,  then I’ll have a brand new toy, er, magic for my show.

In the meantime, I’ll continue swallowing needles.

Stay magical,