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Mark Lewis sends in a follow-up article on Paul Potassy in addition to what he wrote three days ago:

Here is a little more detail on the matter. Just over 40 years ago I was informed by Michael Vishnick now known as Michael Vine (Derren Brown’s manager) that there was a wonderful magician named Potassy. I had never heard the name so just shrugged my shoulders. A few months later I heard the name again. Someone who I can no longer recall told me that there was a magician in Paris who was getting standing ovations working to drunks at 2am in the morning. Since at this time I was also working in London nightclubs working to drunks at 2am but dying dreadful and horrific deaths I was intrigued enough to ask who this miracle man was. The name was Potassy.

Again I shrugged my shoulders but about a year later I saw Paul on British television. All he did was the pickpocket routine but he didn’t need to do anything else. I was electrified by the performance. I remember thinking that if I ever did pickpocketing this was exactly how I would do it. I didn’t know at the time how technically easy Pauls routine was. I then saw another performer a few months later called Rodolfo also from Hungary do essentially the same routine. I suspect one of them got it from the other. Or perhaps it was how pickpocketing was done in Hungary-I have no idea. Rudolfo was also a master performer.

Then a year later I saw Paul again on TV doing the razor blades. This was over 40 years ago and he does it exactly the same way now! Hardly a word had changed! An incredible masterpiece and I have never seen a better presentation. I was particularly impressed at the fact he put the blade in sideways and the memory stuck with me for over 40 years. I was delighted to see that he did exactly the same thing all those years later.

I would mention Paul Potassy to magicians in Britain and North America and nobody knew who the hell I was talking about. When I saw the book and DVD I nearly fainted with excitement! The magic shop owner was amazed when I demanded to buy the material within seconds of seeing it on the shelf. He asked if I knew the price and I told him the price didn’t matter. He was astonished because I am not a big spender in magic shops and he himself had never heard of Potassy. I told him that the man he had never heard of was one of the greatest magicians in the world. I also told other people in the shop this. All young magicians who thought I was nuts. Of course they had never heard of him either.

I am glad that Paul is getting a little more known among the magic community. About bloody time.

The three DVD set titled World Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy and the book the Magic of Paul Potassy mentioned by Mark above can be purchased as a DVD/Book set for the special rate of $125  at H & R Magic Books.

Stay magical,