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by Mark Lewis

I first saw Paul Potassy perform about 40 years ago on British television and I was electrified by it.

I actually saw him twice. I knew I had seen a great magician. It is indeed a shame that the Spanish television clip has gone. I used to watch it often.

I have been inspired by Paul’s work to learn a few of his tricks. Four of them to be precise. I am no Potassy but I am doing my best. I have mastered the wonderful sympathetic silks routine. It is quite similar to Paul’s although I only use one rubber band. I do have more but they are just spares in case of accident.

I do the newspaper trick although it is a completely different method from Paul’s and the routine and presentation is different too. However it was Paul who inspired me to do it in the first place.

I do the card in lasso thing too but with a paper bag rather than a metal bucket. And I also use an invisible flea. Don’t ask……………………….

I have mastered the above three tricks but I am still working on the pickpocket routine which I love dearly. I am not there yet but I am getting there.

I thank Paul for inspiring me and I hope to do his material justice. He really is a maestro of magic and I am glad I saw him work so many years ago.


Mark Lewis is a professional magician, hypnotist, palmist and tarot card reader who has been plying  his trade for 35 years.

I have come to know him through his prolific write-ups on online forums for magicians.  Sometimes witty, sometimes downright funny, he has an irreverent humor that can tick off many of those who have less sense of it.

Check out his ebook The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Lewis for a taste of his, what else, wit and wisdom. The ebook also contains Mark’s commercial routine for Ali Bongo’s Monster Hat.  A few years ago, he posted the routine on one online forum for FREE, but after a while, when he finally came to his senses, he took it down and included it in his ebook.

Stay magical,