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I just got back from an Easter Sunday show at Trinoma Mall. It’s my first time to be there . The place is clean and elegant.  I love the stage. It is large, but not very high, thus easy for audience participants to negotiate the stairs.

The acoustics, though, are not to my liking.  I have to speak slowly, because the cavernous activity center echoed like a cathedral.  Some of my one-liners went over the audience’s head, but the visual gags brought down the house, as usual.

I’m telling you all this, because you may be wondering where I have been all this time. I have not updated this blog for over a week now.  My apologies.  I have been criss-crossing the metropolis, went as far as San Fernando, Pampanga, bringing magic and joy to family audiences.  Despite the much talked up worldwide economic downturn, people are throwing parties in the Philippines, even during the Holy Week.  The parties only stopped on Wednesday and resume today, Easter Sunday.

On Wednesday, I will have a magic show for a 74-year-old birthday celebrant. I will perform grown-up magic at that party.

Speaking of magic for grown-ups, I have been lucky to have booked several such shows in the last couple of weeks.  I find performing for adults more artistically rewarding. It affords me to bring out fewer props and gives me the opportunity to serve more funny lines, sans the silliness and slapstick comedy that are the staple fares of my children’s magic.

I hope the trend of partying continues.  If it does, then it means that the economic turmoil in other parts of the world has no serious effect on Philippine magic.  At least not on the industry for family entertainment.

Stay magical,