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Penn and Teller. Barry and Stuart. The Napoleons. What do they have in common?

Apart from their comedic style, they all perform magic in tandem.  They work their audiences as teams.

Last Wednesday, in celebration of this style, Inner Magic Club held a ‘tag team” magic competition. All contestants were asked to work in pair.

Surprisingly, five pairs came forward to vie for the trophies and cash/gift certificates provided by Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz.

Not only last Wednesday was the Club’s first magic competition of the year, it was also the first time that we tried holding a team competition in magic.  We really didn’t know how the contest would work. However,  given our members skills and creativity, I had no doubt the performers would come out with entertaining material.

Our paying guests did not go home disappointed.  I had my expectations validated. All the teams put up a fierce fight for the top three places.  Because four of the five competing teams performed comedy magic, we had an hour of laughter and amazement.

When the dust settled, the judges awarded the honors and prizes to the following:

Third Place: Alex Lagula and Dwarfie. They impersonated well-known IMC members, imitating their performing styles.

Second Place: Michael Fernando and Slydon. Performing what I considered the most creative contest piece of the evening, Michael acted the part of a zany magician while Slydon performed as a magical human statue.

First Place: Richie Javier and Renee Mucha. They did a Clown-and-Bondying act that brought the house down.

IMC Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz warmed the audience up. Before the first pair went on, he performed some dazzling close-up magic

To all the winners and performers of the night, congratulations on your outstanding performances.  I’m in awe of your enormous creativity.

Stay magical,