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Magic should never be boring, but it sometimes is.

Magicians should never be spiritless, unexciting, uninteresting, tiring, annoying or dull—in short, they should never be boring—but they sometimes are.

What makes matters worse is that many boring magicians are not aware they are boring.

I have written articles on the subject of audience boredom before.  You may want to read my past take about it by clicking the following links:

9 Signs of Audience Boredom

You are Probably Boring

Rumors have it that Leodini is going to receive a Pulitzer’s award in blogging for writing those articles. Ain’t you proud of me?  Well, I am…

Now, hallucinating maybe one sign of boredom.  If I’m showing that now, you know what state of mind I am at this moment.

Boredom is a universally malady.  Even lovers, who start out ogling at each other, smooching tirelessly and having sex with undiminished energy, will eventually get bored with each other doing exactly the same things repeatedly over a long period of time.

Even horses get bored. You may not believe it, but over at Wiki Answers, people are asking  for signs of a horse’s boredom. No kidding.

So if you are bored about magic and want to change your focus for a change, why not head over there and offer some answers.

To update my post on the signs of boredom, here are five more that I’ll add to my previous list. I stumbled upon these signs on the Tell Me How site:

It says that bored people show their boredom by:

1. Head in hands


2. Eyes downcast

3. Chin resting in hand

4. Sitting cross legged

Tell Me How is a hints-and-tips site for the do-it-yourselfers.  But its information on boredom can be of great use to Filipino magicians aspiring to be more entertaining.

Stay magical,