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Dear Leodini,

Other magicians have cautioned me not to perform Dissecto in a birthday party show.

They say danger routines scare the children and psychologically scar them for life.

My Dissector routine is funny. My audiences love watching it as much as I love performing it.

Please enlighten me.

Yours truly,

Silly Bully


Dear Silly Bully,

A roller-coaster ride is a hundredfold scarier than Dissecto. I have not heard of parents complaining that their children have been scarred psychologically for life after a roller-coaster ride.

But what do I know? I’ve not gotten around to reading all the news about the effects of roller coaster rides on children. I have not even hopped into a roller coaster in my entire life, so if there’s a subject I know the least about, it’s roller coaster.

But I know plenty about Dissecto and other chopper effects, as I have done them countless times at birthday parties. You may want to listen to me, because I need someone to listen to me for a change. I’m tired talking to myself about this subject.

If your Dissecto routine is funny, then it may not even scare the children in the audience.

However, real danger tricks like Stab or Russian Roulette or Catching Bullet or Fire Eating or Sword Swallowing or Underwater Straitjacket Escape are stupid. Don’t do it.

Pseudo danger tricks, on the other hand, like Dissecto are all right to perform at birthday parties, no matter the bellyaching of politically punctilious magicians.

Steer clear from performing genuinely dangerous tricks like bungee jumping, especially in the birthday boy’s living room. His daddy won’t be amused. I guarantee you that.

Stay magical,



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