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Danger tricks are dangerous.

No matter what others say, don’t do it. Not at your home, in front of the mirror, inside the bathroom, in front of children, in a geriatric ward, or in front of TV cameras.

Don’t even dream of doing it in your dreams.

If you want to hurt yourself, or portray yourself as stupid, don’t bring magic down along with you.

Now, those are too many “don’ts” already, but stop complaining. Here’s more…

Don’t do Buried Alive. Or Hoisted-Up Straitjacket escape. Or Underwater Escape. Or Smash and Stab and other danger monte variants using spikes and upturned knives. Or Russian Roulette.

The casualties are too many already in the ranks of magicians. Worse, smash-and-stabs have of late added audience volunteers in the list of the injured.

Here are few reasons why you shouldn’t do all the “don’ts” I said you should not do. Watch and be horrified.

Don’t be stupid. Listen to me: do Snowstorm in China instead.



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