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Batista is every wanna-be-a-wrestler kid's idol.

All of us went through the stage of extreme adulation.  We idolize someone we look up to, especially when we were still children.

To hold someone in so high esteem that you adore him as if he is god can lead to magical moments.  Not magic tricks. Not illusion. But something magical beyond trickery—the sweet sensation of being star struck.

The moment an avid fan meets in person his idol can be such an electrifying moment for the fan it might as well be magical.

Such was the case with my youngest son Yani.  He not only adores wrestling superstar Batista, but idolizes him to the nth degree. I’m sure, if given the chance,  he would readily kiss the ground Batista walks on.

How do I know? Well, not so long ago, in doing his theme-writing assignment, Yani wrote: “I wish Batista were my daddy.”  These were words unflattering to me had Yani not written in the closing paragraph,”But I’m happy with having my own dad, because he is a famous magician.”

Well, as fortune would have it, Yani got kissed by Lady Luck.  I had a show yesterday for Jack TV. They were organizing an event for Batista in coordination with the Cancer Warriors, an organization that helps children with cancer.

I allowed Yani to skip school yesterday, so he could come with me to the show.  I assigned him as my sound man. His duty was to cue the music of my entire program.

I brought a one-hour show, but the organizers cut it to 15 minutes when they had Batista outside the function room ready to make a grand entrance.

The moment Batista entered the room (his huge figure almost filled the doorway), the audience burst into an enthusiastic applause.  I observed Yani’s reaction and saw the magical moment happened right before me..

His eyes grew wide and wild, as he broke into a big smile, ecstasy written all over his face.

The look on his face was worth more than the sacrifice of skipping classes that day.  He will surely treasure for many years to come  the moment he saw Batista in person .

His only disappointment was not having a picture together with Batista.   We were not allowed to go near him.  Only the cancer patients and their parents were permitted to have their pictures with the superstar wrestler.  I had to use a zoom lens to take the following pictures:


Batista dutifully signs autographs for star-struck children.


He towers over his fans.

Still, Yani came home with lots of stories to make his classmates envious when he goes to school today.

Stay magical,