PhotobucketMagicians in the Philippines are not unique when it comes to the challenges they face in their shows.

Stage jitters are on  the top of those challenges.  Pre-show nervousness afflicts all performers in the world, whether seasoned or green.

I’m one magician who always has a bad case of the jitters every time I perform.  That must explain why, by force of necessity, I had to look for all sorts of ways to combat stage fright. I found one boxful of remedies in an everyday gadget so ordinary in this modern world it was the last place to look for remedies.

I’m referring to my cell phone.  You see, the my cell phone’s inbox is filling up with text messages from my recent clients.  Let me share with you some (not all, lest you will be bored) of the heartwarming comments I received.  I loved them so much I use them as my pre-show confidence-builder.

From Daddy KC: “Sorry I wasn’t able to thank you personally last night.  Thank you very much for making my daughter’s fist birthday very special and fun.  You did an amazing job! I will highly recommend you to all my friends. Hope you don’t mind me giving your number to them as their future reference. Thank you very much and have a good day.  Till next time.”

From Mommy Joy: “Thank you so much. I’d like to congratulate you on last Saturday’s party for a performance well done kahit po medyo makukulit ang mga bata.  Sir, is the magician you are recommending as very good as you are?”

From Mrs. Sebastian: “Thank you for an entertaining show.  Now my other son wants to be like you. A real magician daw, not a fake one.” (lol!)

I suggest you collect glowing messages you receive from happy clients.  They are useful not only for  marketing purposes but also as tools to psyche yourself up before each performances.

Exactly how to use them to combat stage fright, let me tell you about my method in another time.

Meantime, stay magical…