If you are like many magicians in the Philippines, you grit your teeth every time the Masked Magician goes on television to expose magic trick after magic trick to lay audiences in the world.

I know a great number of  Filipino magicians who wish him ill.  I suspect some of them have gone to great lengths of hiring witches to bring him bad luck and misfortune.

Well, the voodoo spell worked.  The Masked Magician messed up a card trick and  made a fool of himself on live television. As a result, he exposed a trick he didn’t want exposed.

In that TV segment, the Masked Magician is selling an instructional DVD. As part of his marketing campaign, he appears on the program to promote the DVD by performing a card trick taught in the DVD.

Well, the way the trick ended in disaster, I doubt many televiewers would be inclined to buy the DVD.

It was his fault and nobody else’s.  He got all the help from the TV program. He got a beautiful assistant.  The TV folks provided him with a translator.  And most of all, they provided his performance with a heart-pounding musical scoring that really built up his presentation.

Still he messed up big time.  The cause for the blooper was as old as the oldest hills. The Masked Magician performed a trick he had not yet mastered. My youngest son can do the trick  blindfolded, but the Masked Magician couldn’t do it with his mask on, because he didn’t practice it enough.

Watch the video and enjoy the spectacle of the Masked Magician squirming, groping for words to cover his mistake, trying desperately to find an “out” but instead sinking deeper and deeper into an unsalvageable performance.

If you are as sadist as the Filipino magician named Leodini, here’s a chance to enjoy the Masked Magician’s well-deserved karma.

Stay magical,