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Today I stumbled upon an interesting Time magazine headline. It says, “Teleportation is Real—But Don’t Try It at Home”.

The story tells us about how a group of scientists, who are unacquainted in the art of magic, now dabble in it.  After attempting to levitate in one instance and float on water in another, they now try their hands—actually their brains—at teleportation.

According to dictionary.com, to teleport is”to transport (a body) by telekinesis.”

In the magical world of Filipino magicians like me, teleportation can be a mundane magic trick or mentalism effect, depending on how grizzled the magician of mentalist is. Practitioners of the art of legerdemain have explored this effect for centuries. It is old hat to many in the art.

However, to the rest of the world, it is a novelty. That must explain why lay people, including brilliant scientists, seem enthusiastic over it. The scientists in particular have gone to the length of actually spending  laboratory time to produce a teleportation effect.

According to the Time article, the scientists admitted the process is “very, very complex.”

At this stage, they have achieved teleportation only at the subPhotobucketatomic level, where the distance covered by the teleporting object is only a little over three feet. Not only that, the only thing they have teleported so far is information between atoms.

Well, if these scientists have consulted a Filipino magician named Leodini on how to teleport more efficiently, maybe he will teach them a magical way to do it.

That is, if he is in the mood to prattle.

But knowing how tight-lipped Leodini is when it comes to giving up magic secrets, the scientists might as well spend more time in the laboratory than tempt him into exposing magic tricks.  I’m sure they can’t get one bit of information from him.  They have to wait for the release of his forthcoming book “Teleportation for Dummies and Idiots”—which will be a sure New York bestseller as soon as he finishes writing it—before they can discover the secret of teleportation.

Stay magical,