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Last January 10 and 11, I had the privilege  of working with professional events people of  Wishcraft Events.  I did two shows for them during the launching of the new Honda City at Glorietta Mall.


I said I was privileged because a performer doesn’t often get the chance to work with people who know their way around live performances and staging shows with aplomb. Maclyn Obispo of Wishcraft and her boss made life easy for us (me and my entourage), providing us all the technical support that we needed to pull off successful performances.

The stage they put up was just awesome and beautiful  The backdrop was a giant TV screen that beamed every action on stage to the thousands of shoppers who watched the show. I could perform a bill switch, and it would still be viewable to the spectators watching as far as the upper floors of Glorietta Mall.

Unfortunately, they built a stage that was not completely magic-friendly. They had other shows on that stage (bands and pocket shows). I think the stage was designed for those types of show in mind and not for magic.

During my ocular visit to Glorietta a day before my first performance, I requested Maclyn to cover the top of the stage with black cloth to prevent people on the second floor of the mall from looking down on us while performing the Metamorphosis.  That arrangement would be unacceptable to me, as that would expose the illusion.

When we got to the performance area the following day, the stage was already covered from the top.  We got what we wished for, something that boosted our confidence in pulling off a difficult illusion before thousands of spectators.

Yesterday, while surfing the Net, I stumbled upon the Ekletik Multiply site. They had posted a slide show of the photos of my performances at Glorietta.

What can I say?

Nothing much, except to confirm what I have  long suspected. That I am as photogenic in picture as I am in person.

Go head over to Leodini at Honda IntenCity and watch the slide show.  Those who will not do so will be cursed to have bad luck for seven days.

To the guys at Eklektik, thanks for posting the photos. They are awesome and speak of your top-notched skills as photographer.

Stay magical,