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I checked my mailbox today to find some surprising stuff. Surprising because they opened my eyes to a wonderful truth—magic is spreading  across the country faster than I thought.

Here’s a letter from Nate Marx, a magician and blogger from General Santos. He is bursting with ideas on how to spread the love and appreciation of magic in the country. Pay close attention to him.

Hi Sir Leodini!

My name is Nate Marx, a close-up magician and a mentalist here in Gensan (General Santos City). I perform paid shows semi-professionally. I am also one of the council members of 12th Summit (www.12thsummit.wordpress.com) Magic Crew here in Gensan.

I adore your blog because of the insights you have on magic. Though I rarely do magic tricks for my performances and shows, I am still pursuing the conjuring art through the philosophies behind it.

The reason I wrote to you is that, I hope we magicians could create a community of magic bloggers here in the Philippines. There are food blog, tech blog, travel blog communities but there never  has a magic blog community….Well, that’s based on my knowledge.

I hope you will continue on putting your insights on this blog. Your articles are gems of knowledge.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Nate,

Thank you for dropping me a line. I wish you do that more often. In a world wide web where we live today, there shouldn’t be excuses why magis everywhere would not to communicate with each other frequently.

I love your idea.  I’m all for it.  Count this blog in as member of that community—that is, as soon as such community of blogging magicians is formed.

You may also want to consider an offline relationship with Inner Magic Club. Since you seem to have a group with sizable membership, you may want to consider the option of establishing a local chapter of Inner Magic Club in General Santos City.

Meantime, I’d like to exchange links with you.  I have already added your two blog sites to my blogroll.  I hope you will also add my blog to your favorite links.

Thanks and more power to brother magicians in General Santos City.  I hope to visit one of these days your beautiful city and experience the magic and camaraderie of conjurors in that part of the country.

By the way, Inner Magic Club magicians, together with some magic performers from around Asia, went to Davao City in October last year to attend the Close-up and Stage Magic Competitions. You may want also to organize  a similar project in General Santos City in the future, so Inner Magic Club can send its representatives. If that materializes, you will soon find the fun of a lifetime of having magicians from several points of the country converge and compete in your city.

Stay magical,