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Ted Orlando was kind enough to take some time off his busy schedule to send me a letter adding more information about the Talking, Mind Reading Skull I wrote about yesterday.

First he told me the name of the skull. It’s called Skully.

Second, he corrected the price tag I quoted. Skully will cost $3,000, not $5,000 as I originally thought, when it hits the market.

Next, he clarified that the chosen card in his demonstration was taken from a borrowed deck. The chosen card was merely thought of, whispered to another spectator by the chooser, and this second spectator placed the card inside an envelop which in turn was placed in a larger envelope before Skully revealed the selection.

As I wrote yesterday, Skully is limited only to one’s imagination as far as its possibilities are concerned. A cliche claim maybe, but that’s the truth.

I agree that the price tag is a bit steep, but Skully is not a toy. It is a premium prop for the serious performer.  The high price tag guarantees exclusivity to the product.

Below is Ted Orlando’s letter adding more information about Skully that I glossed over in yesterday’s post.

Dear Leodini,

With appreciation I have read your comments reporting my recent presentation of Skully, my lifeless assistant (or should we say “stooge”?).

Amazing that  and how you inserted a graphic art of a skull into your write-up—with moving jaws even!

We, that is Cesar Alonso and I,  wanted to “play ball” with audience assumptions that some “mental” effects are done and have no other assumptions apart from using either a stooge in the audience, or at least an assistant back stage.

So we created Skully who is not hidden, but seen, however LIFELESS. (Is he?)

You are right in mentioning his abilities to read minds or to verify hidden objects. Mind you, during last week’s demonstration, the freely picked card was first placed by the volunteer in a freely chosen envelope, which was placed inside another envelop before being shown to Skully.

Topping this, to my opinion, was using cards from a spectator, an effect rarely possible, as there might be no one carrying a deck of cards in the audience, yet I took that chance and got a deck.

If you were asking for other effects, those can be done being simply based on your imagination, besides those I showed  as being “tailor made”.

Skully could,  for example, tell the brand of cigarettes shown to him, etc., etc.

What he also can do is speak in another language, if the majority of people watching  would require that.

Should I admit, however, that this effect, does not require or live on the basic criteria of conjuring, e.g., sleight-of-hand, which at least, I can claim, I have practiced many decades of my magic life  before, so  now (let me joke) : “Let an assistant (read, Skully) do the job.

I am proud to add that there is no “real” assistant needed, nor can a  remote control be detected. Apart from the mere magical aspect of this prop, we intend to let a handful ventriloquists in the world add this feature to their normal act (speaking, joking, singing).

Those would  like to, then can add mental effects to their program, letting their puppet do a mental magic show.

We intend to let PEGANI of Denmark, the well known Scandinavian vent dolls´seller and magician, handle this aspect.  I’m mentioning this to  reflect your mention of ventriloquism in your write-up .

When I say a “handful”, that is intended to also go to the present skull  effects.

Cost-wise I know, it should not be in the $5k area, but rather around $3k. That price level will and is supposed to cover the intended exclusivity of this world-class new effect.

Thank you, dear Leodini, for your appreciation. I hope to be seeing you again in April, where I hope to be showing and introducing by then another Cesaral/Orlando effect. It will be a mind-operated moving object, called “The M.A.” , which “master of close-up” magicians like Boy Alviz will surely appreciate.

Hopefully until then,


Ted Orlando

For more of Cesar Alonzo’s products, you may want to visit his web site www.cesaral.com.

Stay magical,