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Here are some more useful tips on the handling of thumb tip, this time from Ted Orlando’s friend, illusion builder Kenneth Jackson:
Thank you, Kenny-Mate…

Dear Leodini, I think this is worth and valuable for publishing. Some valuable knowledge from Kenneth V. Jackson, the guy with the illusion plans.

And, let me add, that the great magic effects inventor and award winning CESAR ALONSO of Spain, also emphasizes the important neccessity of TTs for other than just for appearing and vanishing moves.

(That is so, as I can tell myself owning some of his amazing “Cesaral’s” effects.) My “advice” on the use of FlipTips instead, (for a”one-hand handling and moves”) was also caused by having seen  TTs on open display on  counters of magic-, fancy-, and masquerade- shops.

In one of those, buying some rice silks, TTs were even in a glass jar of 100 pieces on the counter, (“like: pick a free sweet” for children) and saying: “pick your right size, 1.50 Euro a piece”.

So, no wonder, right?

Stay magical, folks!


Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2008 10:49 PM

Subject: Re: thoughts on the thumbtip
I found the thumb tip tips quite good, Ted.

I used to make my own thumb tips by dipping my thumb in liquid latex, letting it dry, and then dipping it again several times until the rubber was thick enough. Then after I had remove it and left it for twenty four hours, I would paint the inside with nail varnish. Then anything concealed inside would slip out easily.

To make it flesh coloured I would put food colouring in the liquid latex.  No problem. This method also made it so that the open end tapered for a perfect fit and the audience couldn’t detect the thumb tip.