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Ted Orlando is in a writing mood.  The article “Ways to Disguise the Thumb Tip” inspired him to write a related article.

He posted it on the comments section, but I find his message laddened with lessons Filipino magicians will find useful.


I’m reprinting it here. It’s too good to be missed by readers who just skim through the readers’ comments:
Dear Leodini,

Thank you for the appreciation of my comments on the TT.

I just counldn’t refrain from hinting on that, as it is indeed a pity that our universal tool is so often revealed and known.

I recall a funny but useful incident in the Peppeton’s a year ago I had made use of my fliptip with a little effect in front of our colleagues there, and already at that occasion I felt “it was my duty” to demonstrate and emphasize the use of a fliptip versus an “ordinary” TT.

It was “Boy” Alviz rushing up from his chair towards me “on stage” whispering “DONT SHOW IT, THERE ARE NON MAGICIANS HERE ALSO”. He was so damn right, lets at least try to keep THAT a secret tool to “beat those ever present wisecracks”.

Let me add, that (apart from your good (!) suggestion in respect of using a fingertip instead of a TT) the FLIPTIP is ideal for not just one  handed appearances, but ideal for effects like cutting a rope (The original Indian Rope Trick).

You dont have to make the loop out of the rope itself, and thus shorten the length, but you “steal” an ADDITIONAL small loop ONEHANDED out of the TT.

A further “self contained” effect is to transfer a silk from your pocket into a spec’s pocket, without fumbling about with a “two-handed” thumbtip, etc.etc.

Use your imaginations, and/or follow Roccos’.

Again, dear Leodini, a Merry Christmas, sorry not to have been able to attend the Xmas party, I had to travel within Europe (London and Spain), besides a couple of shows in Hamburg.

So, now looking very much forward to our next meeting in January. Thank you for your nice words, mentioning “Joyce”.

God bless!

Ted and Joyce

Thanks, Ted, for sharing your knowledge with our readers.

Stay magical,