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Ted Orlando sends me a Yuletide greeting below. Ever the professional magician, he also sends together with his Christmas missive his thoughts on thumb tip in response to an earlier post of mine on the subject.

PhotobucketDear Leo,

I wanted to send you seasonal greetings, using your letter below to go on “REPLY”, clicking on what you suggested. I happened to come across the blogs on THUMB TIP and how to disguise it.

For one, Paul Daniels once told me and George Kovari : “A TT need not be of flesh colour , it can be ‘green’ if you only know how to handle it (read:  keep your fingers in such natural positions available, that you automatically hide it)”.

But that’s not what I wanted to say: The object of the blog has been  “how to hide/disguise a TT from audience members WHO HAVE heard or even SEEN a TT.”

To ME the simple solution lies in using the FLIP TIP (Rocco’s). A normal TT filling or hiding things can hardly be handled with ONE hand, eg., with the thumb hand it’s fitted on. The FLIP TIP C A N , however, and for salt pour, and all that, it even has an insert.

How would the “wise cracks” in the audience explain how the magi emptied or filled a TT ONE HANDED?!

I couldn’t help writing this, Leo, (although I admit, I also use an ordinary (gimmicked, though) TT for levitating a sponge ball. (I’ll show you, but that’s not to hide or to vanish).

But now to my reason of writing: I want to wish you a Merry Xmas, and the same health and admirable energy and professional  know-how you radiate all times also in the following year(s) 2009, etc.

Your “fan”,

Ted Orlando

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the tips on thumb tip.  I’m sure the readers of this blog will find some good use for them.

Inner Magic Club held its Christmas party last night.  Close to 100 members and their families attended. A few Filipino magicians from other magic clubs also came and joined the festivities.

We had a blast celebrating the most magical event of the year.  We missed you and your lovely wife in last night’s celebration. I’m sure you would have a great fun time with the boys and their loved ones had you been here.

See you and your magic next year on your next visit to the Philippines.

May the New Year bring magic in abundance to you and family.

Stay magical,