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The rave reviews of Magic ‘To (Remix) still keep coming until today. Here’s one from Mark Beltram, who took the time to write his glowing thoughts about the show.

My response comes right after his message… 

Hi Leodini! I was very fortunate to catch Magic ‘To (Remix) and was very pleased with the performances that IMC gave us. I’m an avid fan of magic and do little illusions and sleights as well but what i really love to do is watch magic happen before my eyes. I’ve been to a few shows here and abroad and I was really impressed with the performances in your show.

Filipino magicians have so much potential but there are many more things that we could improve on.

The first thing is advertising — not too much people know about your shows, I literally stumbled upon your site while googling about Filipino magicians. It’s too bad we can’t share our beautiful craft to a wide spectrum of different audiences. Let’s get some T.V coverage, mall tours, print ads and fliers circulating.

Fill the place with gimmicks — I like how IMC was performing close-up magic before shows. We should multiply that effect! Do it during intermission in the lobby and in the theater as well. If people don’t go out to see the magic, let’s bring the magic to them. This increases the level of involvement of the spectators, creating very lasting impressions  which they can share with their friends. Let the clowns usher the guests in and play pranks on them while they exit. Magic has a way of breaking the third theater barrier and we should use that as our advantage and tool.

Lastly, do more magic shows! You guys are great! The only way for the magician to improve is to garner experience in front of new kinds of spectators every time. How bout “Monday night Magic” at some bar or grill featuring the new up and coming magicians?

Potential’s a great thing! Let’s make magic an art enjoyable by everyone. You guys are outstanding and I’m truly rooting for ya!


Hi Mark, thank you for sharing with us your ideas. We could surely use your talent in the Club. I hope you will find time and motivation to join Inner Magic Club one of these days.

You are right to observe that Filipino magicians, especially the IMC kind, have so much potentials. They are world-class.  With our readers’ indulgence, let me count the reasons (and blow our horn) why IMC magicians are top-notch:

  • Inner Magic Club is the only organization of magicians in the Philippines that is a member of Asian Magicians Association (AMA).
  • Inner Magic Club is also the only organization of magicians in the country that has gained admission into the prestigious, 32-country Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM). Heaven knows how many applied but were refused membership.
  • IMC is the only Philippine magic organization that had sent members to compete in magic contests abroad. Our Chairman Emeritus Boy D’Wujiman Alviz had won two trophies, one in Thailand and one in Japan, from previous competitions.
  • Next year, we will send contestants to FISM, the Olympics of magic, which will be held in Beijing. IMC is the only Philippine group of magicians eligible to join FISM’s Olympics of magic.

As regards advertising our shows, let me give you a background information on how we organize our public performances. We have reprised the original Magic ‘To (staged in 2005) two times already.  Magic ‘To (Remix) is the third show of this type of staging. 

For every version of the show, as overall overseer of the program, I divided our members into three basic groups.  One handling the creative elements, another taking care of the production, and a third managing the business side (including marketing and ticket sales).

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough people in the Club, so the members of one group are also members of another. There is no clear delineation of function, and since everybody works on volunteer basis, supervising and managing people are kinda tricky.

In addition, we found out that our real talents lay in the creative and artistic sides of the endeavor and not on the business/PR/Marketing/Sales. Thus we painfully recognized that we lagged behind in the advertising department.  At one point, we explored the idea of working with professional event organizers to handle the business and marketing sides of the show.  But even that idea was shelved because of lack of resources.

Still we are happy that for the last few years, we have staged our anniversary shows in elegant places such as the CCP theater and the Philamlife Theater.  The theater is, of course, the venue befitting of Inner Magic Club’s elite status in Philippine magic and the higher concept of our anniversary program.

Not only that, we are heartened that despite our lack of talent in marketing, we are always able to fill the theater with people enthusiastic about magic.

On lobby activities…Let me unabashedly claim that Inner Magic Club is the Pinoy group of magicians that started the tradition of lobby activities.  The acts at the lobby conform with our cherished concept “The show starts before the show starts” that we thought up and carried out with finesse in the original Magic ‘To.

In that show, apart from the strolling magic in the lobby, we had clowns playing a comedy skit filled with pranks and running gags inside the theater among the audience.  That’s right. The skit was not played onstage. It was played in the audience.  The clown characters moved among the audience, jumping on their seats and dumping flower pots on hapless audience members.  It was an experimental concept, because as far as I knew, pre-show activities of that kind had never been done before in any theatrical performances locally. The experiment, though, was a big hit at that time, earning the performers laughter and applause.

After the original Magic ‘To, we planned more elaborate clown skits, gags and pranks. Because they were elaborate, I found them so difficult to execute I had not mustered the stamina to put the acts together. So I just filed away the scripts in an envelope marked “Top Secret”.  One of these days, when I have the appetite for masochism, I will stage these acts in the lobby at one of our future performances.

Your suggestion for a Monday Night Magic validates the hoary observation that brilliant minds think alike. We have been toying with this idea for years. Our version is to tour the show in different venues (bars). The project, though, entails talking and coordinating with several people, and we just simply haven’t found time to do that as yet.  However, we are going to revisit the project and see if we can pull it off this time around.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.  I hope you keep coming back to this blog to share your thoughts. I’d be very glad (and I’m sure the rest of the membership will, too) to have you visit us during one of our Wednesday meetings at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant.

Stay magical,