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Allow me to share with you the photo of the winners in the stage magic competition in Davao City.

These guys are the Philippines’ magic superstars of the future.


We have more magic stars in Inner Magic Club. Unfortunately the magic competition organizers in Davao were looking only for the top three performers.

Erwin Reyes and Glenn “Dwarfy” Cuevas could have easily made it to the winning circle had the organizers cast the net a bit wider.

Anyway, my gratitude goes to Erwin and Glenn who helped me in my performance at the CAP Auditorium. Erwin for assisting me onstage, and Glenn for spinning my music.

Thanks, guys, for being such great troupers. Again, congratulations to the winners.

By the way, all the winners I mentioned above will again compete on November 14 at the Philamlife Theater in an even more challenging face-off among champions.  They will compete against other giants in the industry the likes of Asian magic winner Boy “D’ Wujiman” Alviz, International magicians Cris Castro and Rico Sanorjo, Mime Magic Artist Bibo Ablay, the Dancing Magician Randee Ordonez, and the suave performer J’Dal.

Get your tickets now before they sell out. Come early.  We start our program on the dot, no ifs and buts about it. The tickets are not numbered, so the early birds will get the better seats.

Following our tradition, we will hold lobby activities at least one hour before the gates will open. We urge magicians and lovers of magic to catch these activities and jam with our talents. 

We have surprises for you that I’m not in the position to announce yet.  I don’t have the complete details at of this writing.  Hint: one professional magician from Hawaii will perform at the lobby, and one Italian magician on stage.

So get your tickets now. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that you would miss the magical event of the year of you didn’t catch the show.

Stay magical,