Richie Javier surprised not only the Filipino magic enthusiasts in Davao but also the members of Inner Magic Club entourage. Of all those who marveled at his performance, I probably could be the most surprised.

Over the years, since Richie joined Inner Magic Club, I have seen him grow in stature, skills and performing maturity. This year, he easily became the first qualifier of our grand final competition, which will be held on November 14 at the Philamlife Theater.

But I have not seen him (or any magic talent) go through such rapid transformation as did Richie through his masterful performance in the recently concluded Davao magic competition. He created a winning routine that was a mixture of visual pleasures, difficult techniques and a dash of fun and comic relief. He floored the foreign magician judges.  As a result he breezed through the elimination and won handily the final round.

There is so much more to say about Richie Javier, but these words, cliche they do they may be, will suffice for the moment: A star was born in Davao.


Richie Javier weaves his magic in the recently concluded magic competition in Davao to win the grand championship and the first prize.

Stay magical,