My greatest letdown in going to Davao City was my failure to bring my digital camera.  My daughter Jamie went to Subic on the day I left for Davao. She was attending an office seminar and had to bring the camera with her.

I always lose an argument with her, so I didn’t event try to sweet-talk her into handing the camera over with. Thus, divested of the photographic equipment, I went to Davao without shooting a single picture. I merely soaked up all the visual stimuli and storing them in my brain.

That’s not good enough, though, if the intention is to share precious moments of the magic contest, shows and jamming sessions with local magicians. I have been asking IMC members to send their photos, but as to this writing, only Richie Javier sent one.

So to all the readers willing to share their kodak moments with this blog, email me your choice photos of the magic event in Davao. Accompanying captions will be useful.  If the files are too large to attach to emails, you may open a Photobucket or Flickr account and upload the photos there.  Just email me the username and password and I’ll download them to this blog.

Thanks for any help.

Stay magical,