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I want to get your attention, so allow me some theatrics and histrionics today.

The truth of the matter is, some Filipino magicians have attention deficit syndrome. They need to be jarred out of their complacency, so they will take care of their business and their clients.

Last week, I referred two overflow shows to a friend. These were sure bookings, as I have already pre-sold the clients.

The clients, however, came back to me, annoyed, frustrated and desperate. They complained that my friend would not answer his phone. He didn’t even bother to return calls or had the kindness of heart to take the time to acknowledge by text the clients’ messages. He just was unreachable, as if he suddenly no longer exists on earth.

To make a short story shorter, my friend did not get the bookings.

Later, when I had the chance to get hold of my friend, he told me that at the time of the calls he ran out of prepaid load. At the other instant his battery died on him.

Hello? Have you ever heard of the term “return call”? It is a courtesy afforded to clients. It is also a popular practice in the civilized world.

Your cell phone has a folder called “Missed Call”. Open it after you have recharged the battery or loaded up your phone with fresh credits. There’s simply no reason why you can’t get back in a heart beat to a customer calling you, or to a client wanting to hire you, unless you are goofing off and no longer interested to nurture your magic business.

For that what our magic is.  It’s a profession. It’s not only an art, it is also business. No matter how beautiful our act is, if we don’t take care of our clients (or prospective clients), we won’t succeed as professional magicians.

Here’s another feedback from a customer who ran into nonprofessionals posing to be professional magicians. (Not answering your phone is, in my book, a sign of unprofessionalism.)

“Honestly sir, we cannot afford your services at the moment for the very reason that I told you the first time I emailed you. Inasmuch as I myself really really wanted to have you for our little girl’s 1st birthday, we cannot for financial reasons. .. I really appreciate the fact that you reply to my queries almost instantaneously even if it’s quite clear that we are not ready to hire you at the moment. I do hope other magicians/hosts would be the same. Frankly, I have texted some of them, and some of them didn’t reply at all (super sikat na siguro sila or super dami na clients kaya sila ganun).”

Notice, I went to great lengths to answer her email, even though she was not even a prospect. As a professional magician and business person, I open my mailbox twice a day—once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In that way, I am able to respond to the emails of my clients and prospects within the day.


To those cell-phone totting magicians, here’s a friendly advice. Your latest model cell phone is not a trophy or a badge to just wear around and flash to people so they will salivate with envy. It’s a utilitarian device that can bring you oodles of money if you use it wisely.

So use it wisely. Answer your phone. Return calls. Send your clients text messages. Drop them a return email. Check your answering machines.

Do all this instead of giving me wimpy reasons that your phone’s battery dried on you or you run out of load or you lost the customer’s number or you already have enough business you don’t need any more.

Don’t make excuses. Answer the phone!

Do I make myself clear?

Stay magical,


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